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Victoria Cottle

Are you Hurricane Aware and Prepared?

Are you Hurricane Aware and Prepared?
Courtesy of The Weather Channel 9/7/17

Our Governor Henry McMaster has declared a
state of emergency Wednesday Sep 6th for South Carolina ahead of the possible
strike of Hurricane Irma. Irma is anticipated to take a northerly turn and head
either over Florida or up the east coast of the Florida peninsula and then slam
straight into South Carolina. Here are some things you should know about
Hurricane Watch: When hurricane conditions are
a possibility in the area within 48 hours.
Hurricane Warning: When a hurricane is
expected within 36 hours.
Extreme Wind Warning: When “extreme
sustained winds of a major hurricane” are expected in an area within an
Tropical Storm Warning: When tropical storm
conditions are possible in your area within the next 36 hours.
Tropical Storm Watch: When tropical storm
conditions are possible in your area within the next 48 hours.
The National Weather Service is the main
nationwide agency that monitors the weather and puts out the alerts and
warnings as described above. They also put out information on what items you
need to have in your emergency kit.
3-day supply of water (one gallon per person, per day)
3-day supply of non-perishable food
one change of clothes and shoes per person
one blanket or sleeping bag per person
first-aid kit, battery-powered
flashlight and extra batteries
emergency tools
extra set of car keys
credit card and cash
special items for infant, elderly
or disabled family members
prescription and non-prescription medicines
These kits work well as hurricane kits or in
the event of heavy flooding which we have seen a lot this summer all over the
U.S. Also South Carolina’s Emergency Management Division can help you determine
whether you are susceptible to storm surge or view your evacuation zone.
This post is not meant to cause you to panic
or add stress but rather as a way to help you prepare and provide some stress
relief about the pending storm. Also remember not to run any generators inside
your home since they do emit carbon dioxide gases.
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