Victoria Cottle

Victoria Cottle

1 of the 18 towns that are perfecting the art – Men’s Journal

1 of the 18 towns that are perfecting the art
of living well — places where conservation
is more important than development,
bike makers and breweries and
farmers markets thrive, and Whole
Foods is considered a big-box store.

Booming Greenville has a lot to beat its
chest about. The North American home of
BMW and Michelin, it boasts a revitalized,
pedestrian-friendly old downtown with a
cool throwback ballpark, all linked by free
trolley service; a zealous cycling community;
and a group called Upstate Forever that
keeps a watchdog’s eye on open space and
clean waterways. But the most telling recent
development is the NEXT Innovation Center,
where tech start-ups, entrepreneurs, and
even angel investors rent and share space,
coffee, and brainpower. The creative vibe
here is so strong that walls are covered
with writable surfaces so eurekas can get
scribbled down anywhere, anytime.

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